Calvac Paving Ex-Mod Rating

Calvac Paving has a current ex mod of 74.  That is a reflection of our safety record. The industry average is 100. Worker’s Comp is a pool of insurance carriers that set the industry average premium.  If you have an excellent safety history you can reduce your premium below the average.  That is what the ex mod, experience modification, number stands for.  Calvac’s ex mod of 74 means that our outstanding safety history allows us to pay 74% of the industry average premium.  If a company has an ex mod of 125, then they pay 125% of the industry average premium.  As you can expect, the insurance industry cannot have clients that reduce their premium by too much, so this ex mod factor very rarely falls below 70.  We at Calvac are proud of this safety accomplishment and especially  thankful for the rarity of injuries to our employees.  Construction can be a challenging industry to conduct efficiently and safely, but at Calvac our goal is to get each and every employee back home to their families in the same condition that they arrived at work that morning.