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At Calvac Paving, I'm proud to say we've been a revered paving company serving the Bay Area of California for five decades. As a time-proven, woman-owned enterprise, our specialty lies in delivering trusted asphalt and concrete paving services backed by warranties, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in every project we take on.

ADA Experts

Compliance Masters

SBA Certified

Woman Owned Small Business

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Tried and True:
Providing Asphalt and Concrete Solutions That Endure the Test of Time

Serving the Bay Area for over five decades. Our commitment to quality asphalt and concrete solutions is more than just a profession; it's a passion that stands the test of time.

From partnering with homeowner associations to spruce up neighborhoods to collaborating with apartment complexes to create safe and durable surfaces, we've had the privilege of leaving our mark on various properties. Our experience extends to industrial warehouses, where our robust pavements withstand heavy traffic, and airports, where we prioritize safety and precision while meeting strict specifications. At Calvac Paving, our success is measured not just by completed projects but by the lasting relationships we build. We're driven by a dedication to top-notch craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Our mission remains steadfast: delivering paving solutions that exceed expectations and endure for generations, contributing to communities and creating a smoother path ahead.

Tailored Solutions for Every Sector

At Calvac Paving, we're dedicated to paving excellence across diverse industries, catering to the unique needs of both residential and commercial sectors. From enhancing the charm and functionality of residential neighborhoods to facilitating safe and durable surfaces in commercial spaces, we offer tailored asphalt and concrete solutions. Our commitment extends to supporting businesses, industries, and communities with top-tier craftsmanship, ensuring that our paving services not only meet but surpass expectations, contributing to the success and reliability of every sector we serve.


Homeowners Association


Building & Complexes


Commercial & Private


Target, Walmart etc.


Clorox, Chevron etc.


Amazon, Zappos etc.


Google, Tesla etc.


Commercial & Private

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Long-standing members of:

BOMA              ACREM              CACM              WMA

Crafting Trust Through Quality Paving and Lasting Partnerships

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At Calvac Paving, we're all about treating our clients like family. Our outstanding customer service and trusted work quality reflect our genuine care for every project and every person we work with. What sets us apart? We don't believe in upselling or short-term gains. Instead, we focus on building trust and fostering long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

To us, trust is everything, and that's why we offer a generous two-year warranty on all our work. While others in the industry may stick to a standard one-year warranty, we go that extra mile for our extended family – our clients. This warranty isn't just about the extra year; it's a commitment to stand by our craftsmanship, ensuring that our families and businesses, both yours and ours, enjoy the benefits of quality paving for years to come. At Calvac Paving, we're not just here to complete a job; we're here to build relationships that last.

Marty Gillum
Marty Gillum
Calvac worked quickly from request to completed project. I would use them again for sure. This was an asphalt job, and I'm sure cement would go just as smoothly. Jake Clark was on top of it from the start. Thanks guys. Marty Gillum Property Manager
Marissa Burton
Marissa Burton
Calvac is a wonderful company! Fast and efficient.
Jake Clark
Jake Clark
Edward Arias
Edward Arias
Erwin Villegas
Erwin Villegas
Buena compañía
Al Parsano
Al Parsano
Ezekiel Galvan
Ezekiel Galvan
Great staff, management, & crew.

Our Mission

The overriding commitment of Calvac Paving is to be a proponent for all of our stakeholders. This commitment will manifest itself in a customer-focused pavement maintenance company serving Northern California. This promise of alliance with customers will encompass the field, office, principals, suppliers, and any subcontractors that provide services. We will provide the contracted services at a fee that is compensatory.

All stakeholders, customers, employees, principals, subcontractors, and suppliers will be held responsible to meet or exceed the escalating level of service and enjoy the corresponding level of return on personal investment. Calvac will support the efforts of employees and customers to expand their professional knowledge; this includes encouraging continued education for our employees. We will work with our community, through support of local education and youth sports, to improve efforts to empower our local youth.

Meet The Team

As long-standing members of the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA), both in the Silicon Valley and the East Bay chapters, the California Apartment Association (CAA), the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), the Executive Council of Home Owners (ECHO), the Association of Commercial Real Estate Managers (ACREM), Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) and the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), we are fully aware of industry design criteria and special requirements.

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Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Dan Garson

Dan Garson

President & CEO

As the CEO and President of the Calvac team, Dan brings expert leadership, enthusiasm, and passion to the role. He holds an MBA and a BS in Chemical Engineering and brings a wealth and depth of knowledge to Calvac and the industry. He gained executive leadership experience in the paving business while helping to successfully grow another paving contractor in the Bay Area. Dan is responsible for overseeing all facets of the organization, from sales and operations to safety regulations, and he is committed to the advancement of the company’s mission and values. His priority is refining the day-to-day operations in accordance with the values and business goals of the company, following in the footsteps of Joe and Jim Adam. Dan brings a dynamic, effective, and motivational leadership style to Calvac and promises to “roll up his sleeves” in his new role with the Calvac Team.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Tami Adam

Tami Adam


Tami Adam met Jim Adam in 1978 and were close friends when he started his career with Calvac Inc. in 1979. They were married in 1983 and started their own paving and concrete business in 1987. Looking to become a partner, Jim came back to work for Calvac in 2002. After years of focusing on ADA barrier removal projects, Jim applied this experience with extensive studies and passed the exam to become a CASp, Certified Access Specialist, in 2012, in which the company continues to specialize into this day. Jim became the sole owner of Calvac Inc. in 2018, continuing the expert work Calvac Inc. is known for servicing the Bay Area and beyond. Tragically, Jim passed away in 2020, and his son, Joe Adam, took up the reins of Calvac Inc., and Tami took over ownership. Together, they are continuing the legacy that started over 40 years ago.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Dave Flores

Dave Flores

Vice President

Dave moved to the Bay Area in 1980 to study at San Jose State, as a freshman, he took on a part-time job with a local paving company. With his hard work ethic and leadership, he became the paving foreman, and then superintendent taking on the responsibility of large crews and building projects of all sizes. In the mid-’90s, he moved up in the ranks to project manager, overseeing and managing large commercial, industrial, and public work jobs. Dave eventually moved into estimating, bidding on private and public work of all sizes. As the company grew, Dave was promoted to Vice President in the early 2000s overseeing all operations and continued to take care of his clients in the estimating department, ultimately, Dave was promoted to President when everything became his responsibility. In 2012, Dave was given an opportunity to join the Calvac team as an estimator and project manager. His extensive experience will provide you with professional service and competitive pricing for any commercial, industrial, and or public work jobs. He likes working with Calvac Paving, the office staff, his co-workers, and ownership have always been of great support.When Dave’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, good food, and a good golf course.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Laura Perez

Laura Perez

Accounting Manger

Laura Perez joined Calvac Paving in September of 2017 as their Administrative Assistant before taking on the position of Accounting Manager in April of 2021. Laura manages all accounting transactions. Prepares budget forecasts, publishes financial statements, reconciles accounts payable and receivable, ensures timely bank payments, oversees payroll, reinforces financial data confidentiality, and conducts database backups when necessary. She complies with financial policies and regulations and has an excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Greg Bergman

Greg Bergman

Project Manager & Estimator

Greg started in the industry in 1982 and after 25 years with the same company. Starting out as a laborer with the seal coat division, Greg worked his way up to Vice-President of the company, where he was in charge of large commercial and industrial accounts, both as an Estimator and Project Manager. Greg joined the Calvac team in September of 2007 as our Lead Estimator and Project Manager, focusing on commercial and industrial projects. His years of experience will provide you with truly professional service for any of your project needs, from new commercial construction to school or municipal projects to simple patch and seal coats. Greg is currently semi-retired.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Marissa Burton

Marissa Burton

Office Manager

Marissa Burton graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Shortly after graduating, she joined Calvac Paving as the Administrative Assistant before taking over as Office Manager in July of 2022. Among her other capabilities and points of knowledge, Marissa is the primary point of contact for insurance requirements, preliminary information requests, safety information, and vendor qualifications. With her positive, friendly, and professional attitude, she will make every effort to answer your project planning questions and concerns honestly and accurately.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Tom Schreiber

Tom Schreiber

Project Manager & Estimator

Tom joined the Calvac Team in July of 2023 as Project Manager / Estimator. In this role, Tom plans to follow his passion for transforming ideas into remarkable infrastructure. His mission is to seamlessly blend innovative building concepts with impeccable execution, ensuring the creation of resilient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Before joining Calvac, Tom was the Vice President of Operations at Peninsula Concrete Contractors, a general engineering contractor that performed hardscape projects for residential estate properties, apartment buildings, homeowner associations, and commercial properties. His construction expertise includes: concrete, asphalt and interlocking pavers, stormwater management, and decorative masonry.

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Jake Clark

Jake Clark

Project Manager & Estimator

Jake joined the Calvac team in November of 2023 as a Project Manager/ Estimator. Jake comes to Calvac Paving Inc., by way of Graniterock where he served as an Estimator, Project Manager, and Salesman for the last five years. He estimated and managed jobs that ranged from a driveway to a highway. Jake really enjoys new challenges and looking at projects creatively from a different perspective. He treats every job like it’s his own property. Jake is married with 4 children and is a National Champion football coach for Pop Warner and State Champion football coach at Soquel High.

In Loving Memory of

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Jim Adam

Jim Adam


Jim Adam started working at Calvac Paving in 1979, where he spent 8 years as a foreman and superintendent. Wanting to expand his experience outside of the field, he left Calvac Paving in 1987 to pursue other passions. As a result, Jim gained valuable experience running his own paving and concrete company and helped to grow another paving contractor in the Bay Area while focusing on providing service to Property Managers and Owners throughout the Bay Area. Looking to become partners, Jim came back to work for Calvac Paving in 2002. After years of focusing on ADA barrier removal projects, Jim applied this experience with extensive studies and passed the exam to become a CASp, Certified Access Specialist.

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