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Ensuring workplace
safety and health.

At Calvac Paving, prioritizing injury and illness prevention stands as our foremost concern throughout all operational and administrative phases.

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Committed to Safety Standards in Every Project

We take pride in delivering construction services to safety-focused clients such as Chevron, ARCO, Applied Materials, Stantec/Secor, Rockwell/Collins, and San Jose Jet Center. The success of these projects is owed to the professional training and certifications of our field personnel. Every member of our Operations team, from Foremen to Dispatch to the Director of Operations, has completed rigorous safety training, including OSHA 10-hour or higher certifications, and actively engages in ongoing training programs.

We are committed to meeting your safety training specifications and ensuring project completion that exceeds expectations. Please reach out to us with your safety requirements, and we'll ensure your projects are completed with utmost adherence to safety standards. We are ADA compliance experts and can assist you in any questions you may have.

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Employee Safety

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals is a shared responsibility across our organization. It is imperative that each supervisor integrates employee safety into their regular management duties, and every employee adheres to established safety protocols. We are committed to providing comprehensive training for our employees. If anyone feels unsure about executing a task safely, it's their responsibility to seek guidance from a qualified person.

Employees are encouraged to actively participate in injury prevention by reporting unsafe conditions and assisting colleagues in need. Maintaining a clean workspace is a collective responsibility. All job-related injuries, regardless of severity, must be promptly reported to management. Leaving a shift without reporting an injury, except in emergencies, is not permitted.

Remember, injuries and illnesses affect everyone—employees, families, colleagues, and the company. Prioritize safety; it benefits us all. Calvac Paving proudly makes available our recent safety achievements upon request. To access our safety documentation, kindly contact our Safety Officer, Dan Garson, a

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