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Calvac Paving Welcomes Dan Garson as New CEO

Calvac Paving asphalt and concrete employee Dan Garson

Since Calvac Paving first opened its doors in 1974, we have been dedicated to serving our clients as a premium provider of cost-effective, environmentally responsible paving solutions for projects of all sizes and descriptions. Under the leadership of our late president, Jim Adam, Calvac Paving became the last word in reliable paving contracting throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Jim was succeeded by his son, Joe, who stepped in as interim CEO. Now, Calvac Paving turns its eyes to the future and welcomes Dan Garson as our new president and CEO! Owner Tami Adam notes that Joe’s tenure as CEO was never intended to be permanent. “When Joe agreed to step in as CEO, it was always meant to be a temporary appointment. The company was in a difficult transitional phase, and we hoped that Joe would provide some stability while we prepared the company for the next CEO.

When the time was right, we began our search for the right candidate.” For Tami and Joe, the quest to find the perfect person for the CEO role was a lengthy and arduous one. The journey entailed interviewing dozens of candidates and reviewing hundreds of resumes, all in an attempt to find a candidate with the right mix of experience, education, professional knowledge, and culture fit to continue to deliver the unparalleled service and outstanding results our clients have come to expect. Ultimately, the candidate field was whittled down to Dan Garson, who has executive leadership experience in the paving industry in the Bay Area and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering as well as an MBA. But it wasn’t just impressive credentials that got him the position. Tami says, “When we met with Dan, it became very clear that his depth of knowledge and experience would be a great asset to Calvac. We also saw that his personality and disposition would be a perfect fit for our company culture. [This mix] is what set him apart.” 

For his part, Dan is excited to roll up his sleeves and get to work in his new position. “I am committed to growing [Calvac Paving] by building upon the success and reputation created by Tami, Joe, and Jim. They have established a great roadmap to use as a tool to build upon a well-established foundation. I could have said they have helped to pave the way for me, but I thought better of it,” Dan added, demonstrating his trademark dry wit. He notes that his primary vision for the company is to “continue to focus on delighting our current customers with our excellent quality, responsiveness, and service and build on that reputation to grow our business in the same way with new customers.” 

Asked what his top priorities are for Calvac Paving currently and in the months and years to come, Dan cited recruiting, employee retention, client base outreach, and of course, across-the-board growth. “A current priority is to grow our estimating and operations teams,” he said. “We have excellent opportunities for the right people who exhibit the passion, commitment, and dedication required in our business for our customers. Calvac, Inc. provides a rewarding career, competitive compensation, and an excellent culture for employees to thrive,” including an outstanding safety record and benefits, which interested applicants can learn more about by clicking here to contact Calvac Paving.

Obviously, the question now becomes what’s next for Joe and Tami!  For her part, Tami will remain with the company as owner and CFO. In her words, “It is important to all of us that Calvac remains a family-owned business in the true sense of the phrase. We are committed to retaining a personal connection between ownership and every employee at our company.” In this role, she will be working closely with Dan to ensure continuity, stability, and the observance of the core principles Calvac Paving has embraced to the benefit of its staff and clientele for nearly 50 years. Meanwhile, Joe has plans of his own. While he will remain chairman of Calvac Paving’s board of directors, he will be relocating to Oregon with his fiancée in the near future. This means his involvement in the company’s day-to-day operations will be drawing to an end. Everyone in the Calvac Paving family wishes Joe and his bride-to-be all the best in their future endeavors and a long, happy, and joyous marriage!

As we welcome Dan Garson to Calvac Paving’s top spot, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal employees and dedicated clients who have stuck with us during this difficult transition period. If you haven’t tried Calvac Paving’s services previously, now is a perfect time to experience the Calvac Paving difference on your next paving project!

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Please join us in welcoming Dan Garson as Calvac Paving’s new CEO as we move forward and turn our focus to another 50 years of outstanding, durable paving results you can rely on to perform to your specifications and needs.

To find out more about Dan and Calvac Paving, please click here. And to contact us for your next paving project, from repairs and seal coating to new construction, Calvac Paving invites you to click here today! 

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